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Hair: A Victorian Fetish

Hair. The Victorians were fascinated with it. Silky, wavy, voluminous, majestic hair. The longer the better.
Touted as a woman’s most cherished feature, hair was one of the most revered fashion statements of the 19th century. Encouraged to grow it very long but to always wear it up, Victorian women did what they could to grow healthy thick hair that would be the envy of all. Thus hair tonics, shampoos, and all manner of hairpins, hair combs, and baubles appeared on the scene.
Victorian hair culture was at its height in the mid-century and hair was often romanticized, making it into literature with Victorian heroines offering their betrothed a lock of their hair to remember them by. Hair art was all the rage as well. The Victorians loved to spend idle hours, weaving the clippings of their loved one’s hair into intricate wreathes, broaches, and even watch fobs. This practice was particularly popular in mourning rituals and practices, as what better way to remember the dead than creat…

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