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Craigdarroch Castle - A Setting For a Story

In October of 2019, my gothic romance short story “In Through a Dark Maze” was published in Love Among the Thorns: An Anthology of Contemporary Paranormal and Gothic Romance. In Through a Dark Maze is the story of Ava and Noah, two people who have experienced great loss and who find healing (and each other) through the maze that twines their pasts together. Since all gothic tales must involve some kind of crumbling manor, I set my story in a 19 th -century castle that is located near my home on Vancouver Island, namely, Victoria, BC.   Rear facade of Craigdarroch Castle showing the ballroom Craigdarroch Castle was built in the 1880s by Scottish coal baron Robert Dunsmuir as a gift for his wife, Joan. Unfortunately, Robert died before construction was completed and so he never got to live in the home of his dreams. After Joan’s death, the castle had a varied history over the next century. It served as a military hospital, a college, a school board office, and a conservatory of music bef

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